Character Name
NameAyami Kutsiko
Species Shingami
Sex Female
Age 110
Roleplay Information
Name The roleplay site the character is from.
Genre Anime,Bleach
Type Naruto Scene Chat


Her Basic Features

  • Yellow
  • White
  • 5'6 168 cm
  • 58kg (128 ibs)

The Details / Identifying features

  • Unusual Features:Cat Ears


Clothes / Armor

  • Ayami Tends To Usually Wear A Dress With A Green Strap Around,At Night She Wears A Light Blue Kimono


  • She Wields A Zanpakuto To Called Ketsu Kyoga,She Specilizes In Kido,She Is A Incredibly Powerful One,She Also Is Very Good At Combat,Unusally Her Zanpakuto Is The Same Size As The One Of Ichigo Kurosaki.She Is A Very Tough One.Ayami Came With Stand 100 ounces Of Pain And Not Be Hurt.She Is So Extremely Fast That The Naked Eye Can't See Her


  • She Wears Also A Type Of Plain Kimono,She Also Has A Black Kitten Thats Name Is Ruffles,She Has A Small Britsh Accent



She Is Very Timid And Nervous.She Is Also Described As A Shy,Innocent,And Sweet Person,Though She Can Be Very Mean.She Will Not Hurt Anyone Even If Preasured To She Wouldn't Hurt A Fly.Normally She Would Act Super Shy Around New People,If Near Someone She KNows She Will Be Not As Much Shy But Mediumly Shy.She Is A Very Silent Person.


  • She Likes Many Thing Mostly Hanging Out With Friends


  • She Really Doesn't Dislike Anything



She Has A Very Close Relationship To Rizak And Serena


  • Her Mother Died When She Was Much Younger ,Her Father Was Killed In A Terriable Accident.Her Brother Cares For Her.Her Mothers Name Was Nami Kutsiko Her Father Was Ratsu Kutsiko Her Brother Katashi Kutsiko.She also has to cousin's Katashi Kawamoto,And Haku Dahkruel Sensation Ryojirui

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

She Has Mental And Physical Strength Over Wazzup And Rizak

Skills and Education

She's Been Taught By Her Older Brother,Katashi Kutsiko


She Has A Weakness For Sparing Lives Of Others Even Ones Who Don't Know Her



Her Adult Status Is Not Yet Revealed

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