An android is a robot or synthetic organism with a tendency to be created to resemble the human form.


Generally, an android doesn't really have a gender, as it is a technological being. However, as an android is made to resemble a human being (which does have gender), it will usually look either male or female.

Even though the word 'android' can refer to both male and female forms, it actually is preferred to refer to male forms, as it comes from andr- (Base of the Greek word for 'man'). In this context, the word 'gynoid' (gyn- being the base of the Greek word for 'woman') is used to refer to female androids.

Examples of Androids

TV Shows

  • In the Doctor Who television series, a programmed robot (specifically named "Anne Droid"; a pun based on the species name) is depicted in the episode "Bad Wolf". The droid had a laser beam in her mouth to teleport losers from their game show to the fleet of a brutal enemy. Anne Droid met their fate after being reprogrammed to attack the said enemy.[1]
  • In the television cartoon, Ben 10, an alien robot going by the name of "Slix Vigma" makes its debut in the episode "Grudge Match". The robot controls a spaceship, and as a result, attracts the public to gladiator-related fights. Upon witnessing the two battle, Slix kidnaps Ben, the main character, and Kevin. While previously assumed to have been destroyed, Slix Vigma makes a reappearance later on in the series.[2]


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