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Character Name
NameAnderson Lansing Conagher
Species Cyborg. Thus, part human and part robot.
Sex Male
Age Unknown.
Roleplay Information
Genre Can fit anything from Modern to Futuristic, fantasy or otherwise.

Chat. Can't stand waiting for forums.


The Andertank stands, an immense obelisk that obscures the light cast from above, his frame sleek and segmented, comprised of black framed by gold veins. His hands, large enough to crush a human's head in their grasp, have four clawed fingers that extend nearly half a foot each. His feet are planted firmly, dug into the ground, internal thrusters hidden away by their iris ports. A pair of slanted, glowing red eyes scan the horizon, watching for an approximate threat, a single massive barrel slung over his right shoulder and gripped loosely with the corresponding hand. The weapon itself is sleek, but thick and quite long, seemingly cartridge-fed from a bull-pup perspective. The rifle is white, to contrast his black figure. There is no mouth-port on his helmet, merely a single speaker meant to amplify his voice when he speaks, to either side of his helmet are two protruding sections, supposedly the muscles that connected his "neck" to his shoulders. At the apex of his spine, a slim triangular piece is set and dug in deep, lustrous black and accompanied by a few flickering lights, it casts a sphere of interlocked red panels, five feet away from him in all directions. This spherical wall is only visible for seconds, before it flickers away into nothingness. Over-all, Andertank stands at about ten feet tall, and weighs a good fifteen ton, the density of the armor being reason for such a high weight. Hydraulic boosters help Anderson move, while two after-burners set into his shoulder blades allow for faster forward acceleration. On some occasions, Anderson can activate multiple vents in his suit to which expel a large miasma of noxious gasses, to which will incapacitate stronger beings, and possibly kill weaker creatures. In short, Andertank is the epitome of military prowess, and proves to be one of the most powerful creations to have graced...well, anywhere, from a scientific point of view.


Clothes / Armor

  • Steel armor covering his body (helmet and visor included). As it's never been breached, what is below is completely uncertain.
  • APDM : Active Personnel Defensive Matrix: A panel set in the back of an android burrowed deep into the prime cortex, to grant the absolute highest level of reaction time and control. The APDM casts a spherical shield that is, while neutral, invisible. The aforementioned shield can soak up an unfathomable amount of damage, and is practically impenetrable, and hosts a failsafe against EMPs, reactivating the shield after several seconds of non-functionality.After modification of armor, Anderson also has: Stabilized Phosphorous Atoms "Phosphide (ions)" RP-P-G:* Rocket propelled phosphide grenade, interior shoulder mounted projectiles. High-speed ballistics using an adhesive warhead to cling to objects and release concentrated explosions, vaporizing small objects or small sections of larger objects. *NEW* Camouflage: Creates holographic 'pictures' pertaining to the environment around the subject, thus, camouflage. How this works is top secret, as it were.


  • A railgun which holds 5 explosive rounds at a time, and a minigun which is capable of shooting one thousand rounds per minute.



Basically, how your character acts.


  • Killing things.


  • Soldiers, and you.


Anderson has no known family members...

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

Heavily armored, deadly with any physical weapon and strong enough to crush skulls with his hands and throw things at the speed of a bullet.

Skills and Education

Military-grade combat abilities, and a minimal understanding of magic.


Quick to anger, not very social, and arrogant.


Anderson will never willingly give this out.

OOC Information

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