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The World Boss
Supa Tay
"The greatest leaders know no light."
Nickname(s)The World Boss
Physical appearance
Weight142 lbs.
Skin toneDark
HairDark Brown
EyesDark Brown
OtherHorus Wings Tattoed on Right Arm; Palms Branded w/ Eye of Horus
LocationBaltimore, Maryland, USA
Born Moore, Asanté
July 4, 1996
Sinai Hospital - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Cause of death
FatherSteven Clapp
MotherEbony Moore-Custis
Sibling(s)Noah Custis, Elasah Custis, Ahmad Clapp
Partner(s)Lila Vulptez
Other familyHorus
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityFree; Ambitious; Ruthless; Loyal
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
LikesSex, Money, Jewels, Learning, Reckless Fun
DislikesAnnoyance, Lies, People
Professional life
FactionThe League of the Golden Ankh
EducationHighschool Diploma
Employed by
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Out of character
CreatedMarch 2014
RP title
RP genreFantasy
RP typeT1
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ExternalTheme Song
 Asanté is an eighteen year old demi-god who's power stems from being the reincarnation of a powerful god named Horus. More specifically, Asanté is a direct descendant of the famed pharaoh Tutankhaten. Due to being simply a reincarnation, Asanté is considered a minor god or demigod.


Despite his muscles being quite evident with such a define abdomen and chest, Asanté is seemingly gaunt in appearance. This alters when the spirit of Horus is summoned from within him, however, resulting in his muscles becoming almost massive, his shoulders becoming much more broad and his calf muscles and thighs becoming larger and more muscular. In his normal state, Asanté has afro-textured hair that takes the shape of a bush from being constantly combed out. On his right deltoid, he has a tattoo of the wings of Horus. Those able to see auras would see that his was unlike any other. It fit his frame perfectly until it reaches his head, where it appears to be a falcon head. Atop the falcon head is a paschent that is a fiery black as opposed to the constant blue aura that surrounds him. Both of his palms have the eye of Horus seemingly branded onto them which allow him to summon Khonsu-Ra. 


  • Free: Asanté is a born freedom fighter from the expression of African-American equivalence to destruction of gender roles. He is extremely independent and values his freedom more than anything. He finds his freedom more valuable than any jewel or any life. He does not believe in traditional slavery which treats equivalents as lesser however he does believe in the imprisonment of war criminals. Profiting off of said prisons is off limits to his camp as well. 
  • Ambitious: Asanté is blinded by his ambitions and sees nothing but them in his future. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even murdering those in his way without flinching. 
  • Ruthless: His ambition leads him to be a savage, killing anything that dares stand in the way of him and his goals. He shows no remorse for any life taken justifiably & no longer flinches at the sight of brains splattering onto a wall. Blood has become all too familiar a sight for this champion of the gods. 
  • Loyal: His loyalty to his camp is undeniable & knows no bounds. He will stop at nothing to defend his brethren & his family. He cares for them far too much. He becomes somewhat of a sadist when punishing those who dare threaten his people. 

Weapons (Main) & Abilities


The falcon-headed staff of Horus broken into two and able to form two corresponding khopesh. These swords are identical to each other and are able to form the staff for magical purposes such as spell-casting. Sorcery, however, is not Asanté's forte. The dual khopesh feature an orichalcum blade decorated with electrum inlays on either side. The handle, unlike traditional khopesh, is designed to maintain grip, therefore is a thicker layer of orichalcum hidden under a layer of rubber. Also, the entire curved blade is sharpened, unlike other khopesh which are sharpened on the outside. On the end of the hilt is the Eye of Ra embedded with a mithril alloy. Khonsu-Ra embraces the sky aspect of Horus, allowing the wielder to control elements such as lightning directly. The wielder is also given domain over temperature, not being affected by these factors directly. The ability to manipulate air is the most famed ability of Khonsu-Ra. However, only descendants of Set or Horus are able to use this weapon to its fullest extent.

Assassination Essentials

In his afro at all times is an afro pick or afro comb. This comb features nine razor sharp pointed mithril teeth and a black onyx handle that is complimented by the clenched fist at the end. The sharp teeth allow this pick to double as a knife or if need be, nine separate darts. Inside of the pick's handle where the teeth are held in place there is a poison coating on them. This poison is unknown to most of the world however has the potency of ten dart frogs. That makes each dart poisonous enough to kill one hundred human men with just a scratch. In addition to always carrying the afro pick, Asanté always carries two identical Mark XIX Desert Eagles in .50 Action Express with Picatinny rails. Both guns have suppressors attached to them to minimize the amount of noise they make bringing it all the way down to 117 dB on a good day. The only difference in the guns are the bullets they carry. The gun nicknamed Lucy contains silver bullets coated in deadman's blood (vampire poison). The other gun nicknamed Set features bullets decorated with various Enochian sigils & Egyptian hieroglyphics. This magic makes the user of these bullets very dangerous as they are capable of killing all known creatures, corporeal & incorporeal from angels in their purest form to a necromancer or lich (without even touching their phylactery). Both guns have their names etched onto the side so that Asanté will be able to tell the difference. Holy water & holy oil are kept in small pouches in his back pocket at all times to fight off angels and demons on short notice.

Demi-God Physiology

Normal State

  • Superhuman Condition

This ability has always been passively active for Asanté, however he was oblivious for a long while in his life. With this condition comes many abilities that can be broken down into many more as all abilities. Firstly, Asanté has supernatural charisma, allowing him to gain the trust of foes and allies alike with the utmost ease. He can create armies with said charisma in addition to his war inducement as he's done so before. Being affinitied to war and battle, Asanté also possesses a rare condition called adoptive muscle memory. This condition gives Asanté the ability to replicate and remember how to perform movements after simple observation. This'd also give Asanté flawless marksmanship by studying how other marksman perform their art. 

  • Empowerment

Asanté becomes stronger, faster and more durable when he - or those around him - feels any emotion relative with the intent to harm. Horus was a god of vengeance and protection so therefore, Asanté gained some type of relationship to said emotions. When elaborated, vengeance is the punishment that is inflicted for a wrong doing out of either spite or anger. Thus, when surrounded by any of the aforementioned feelings, Asanté is able to draw power from each of them, raising physical statistics accordingly. This ability also slows his aging tremendously with the abundance of these emotions across the world. If abundant, the absorption of said emotions can substitute sustenance as well as accelerate regeneration of tissues and cells. Horus is also the god of war which gives Asanté another affinity to hold on to. For every time Asanté battles or trains then recovers, his strength and speed permanently increase substantially.

War State

  • Physical Changes

When his normal body is not able to handle the overwhelming and indefinitely increasing power any longer, Asanté's body adapts and his godly self awakens. His body seems to change dramatically as if he became a body builder in a matter of seconds. His shoulders become much more broad and his chest rises. His thighs & calves become massive while his arms grow in radius like rising mountains. His aura begins to flare like a raging flame. During the transformation his skin cracks revealing the blue energy in his body. Additionally, his irises & pupils disappear and his hair locks up. Khonsu-Ra merges with his body giving him all the abilities that the weapon has directly. He becomes stronger and faster than most creatures could fathom, reaching Mach-1 without any momentum. His skin becomes like a dermal armor, able to withstand energy blasts and extreme heat at point blank range. His strength was showcased in this form as he emerged from lava after being thrown in a volcano with only minor injuries as well as being able to blow a hole in the front of a castle with a single blow. This state, however, comes with its vices such as a hunger for war and battle without limits. In this state, Asanté will stop at nothing to kill and destroy anything in his sight and attempt to gain followers in the process. Those that do not join him are killed without mercy. This state can also only be maintained for eight minutes (4 turns), however.

  • War Inducement

Just as Horus is a god of war, Asanté has the ability to induce war and chaos within an enormously large radius, ranging from a city to a continent. This is done by psionically influencing the victim's minds and forcing them to believe that a specific party is their enemy and they must battle to maintain balance. Being a positive god for all extensive purposes, this ability is not be abused for impure purposes. Which means that every time Asanté uses this ability for his own gain, he weakens substantially.


Welcome to the city

Baltimore, Maryland: the home of the birds and the first & final stop for most people, citizens and tourists alike. Amun-Té’s life was typical, per say, for the average black male living in such a city. He started in the slums, jumping off the porch at about eight or nine. He was a late bloomer in that sense. Other kids interacted with other kids at his age but he’d rather stay to himself. This was also the age he began to learn about sex and drugs coincidentally. However, that’s a long and drawn out side story about elementary school with the other hoodlums. Life was “normal” or so he thought. By the time he was in eighth grade, his family had been thrown onto the streets… homeless & alone with no help from anyone. This opened a new door in the god-king’s life, causing him to turn to the streets for financial assistance. 

Rebirth of Horus

By the time it was November, he began making at least $300 a day. Soon after, his mother had finished college and had her degree. They had a home, again. Life as a narcotics sales associate wasn’t as bad as most would assume. Things like shootouts and killing became relatively typical to him. He became immune to sadness from death. Once his mother got her first good job, he decided he did not need to sell anything anymore. He decided his life could go back to normal but that was simply not the case. At the end of November, his appendix had ruptured, leaving him vulnerable and only a few days after that, he was stabbed. He spent a month in the hospital, unable to walk or piss without a tube in his dick for the entire months of December and January- at least he didn’t have to go to school. Most of this time out of school was spent on the internet. Asanté had grown an unusual interest in the occult, particularly Egyptian lore. He read about the Golden Ankh, Horus, and Set and learned a few spells from the Book of the Dead. He had also learned that many people in the Americas originated in Egypt and he assumed that some must have been descendants of pharaohs, which lore proclaims that each pharaoh is a reincarnation of Horus. Passed down between pharaohs is an incantation to awaken their god-like abilities. Of course, this incantation was also on the internet with people and their peculiar interests. He awakened his god-like abilities by simply reciting the incantation three times and drinking the blood of a falcon which wasn’t hard for him in all honesty.

From cellphones to messenger birds

At first, nothing was different. He slept then returned to school where, due to the abundance of bothered teenagers, his power was amplified. He had always had a problem with memorization but everything from that day and after was like it just happened. In secrecy, he’d decide to begin the Egyptian Cartel and with his power, there was no human capable of defeating him. Among discovering his history, he took on a somewhat different persona, even changing his name to Amun-Té. He took the streets by storm, building his army in the 21st century, stealing Egyptian artifacts and exploring Egypt after his 18th birthday. Using the Book of the Dead and the Book of Life, he and his Egyptian army began exploring other realms through portals created from spells. Time soon became irrelevant and him and his people conquered and converted every land they touched. They conquered a relatively small dimension and began the Necropolis Empire. Those who dared not join were killed without mercy. He currently rules with an iron fist, conquering every land in every time and every space in the name of the Necropolis Empire as a way to thank Horus for his power. As a result of his abilities and going through the space-time continuum so frequently, he doesn’t age much. He looks as he did when he began his journey about thirty modern earthly years ago…