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Alpha Fleet was a Star Trek simming organization that was founded in January 2003. It went defunct sometime before 2011. Alpha Fleet member Jack Carter was awarded the Simming League Distinguished Service Medal in 2006.


Alpha Fleet began in January of 2380 when the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were rather peaceful parts of space; where hope lived and prosperous societies flourished. But as the future catches up to us, the galaxy is not as peaceful as it seems; just as the Federation is beginning to form unbreakable alliances with new Alpha and Beta Quadrant species, the hidden evils that have laid dormant for so many years are beginning to wreak havoc on the safety and security of the United Federation of Planets.

The Romulans try to recover from the exploits of their 'fallen son' Shinzon. Species 8472 enters our region of space as a civil war breaks out within their society. The Gorn and Tholians make it known they still have a place in our lives.

Command Timeline

Alpha Fleet operated on a military style structure. The command staff were selected from within the fleet.

Time CO XO
2003-03 Savoth Eric Jonus
2003-?? Eric Jonus Rivas Kell
20??-?? Rivas Kell unknown
20??-?? Heidi Hutchinson unknown
20??-?? Justic Jiprin unknown

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