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The Allied Sim Association (ASA) was a sim club that was active in the late 1990s.


The club was established in 1996 by Alfa, a former member of the Alliance Simulation Group (ASG).  The club grew during 1997, and found success with its Babylon 5 and Star Trek sims.  The (ASA)'s young membership quickly developed strong bonds of friendship and regularly spent time together in the chat room "ASA Lounge," giving rise to a culture of "pick up sims."  The ASA gained further members in 1997 when the Science Fiction Association (SFA) group ceased operations and many of its members chose to join the ASA.

During 1998, the ASA faced difficulties, incluidng harassment by AOL members with "over head accounts," as well as attempted takeovers by larger groups. In the fray the ASA lost its lone Star Trek sim. The Babylon 5 sims, however, continued with great success. In the summer, a brief and verbally hostile dispute took place, promting a crucial leader of the ASA to resign.

In 1999, with its core Babylon 5 membership holding strong, the ASA launched an original fantasy sim.  It also put together a loose relationship with several independent sims and RPG groups. However, despite claims that the membership rises to nearly a thousand through this merger method, the true ASA appears to fall apart some time in January 2000 due to a disagreement, and effectively ceases to be.

By 2000, the club had been widdled down to one E-mail based sim on Yahoo Groups called "Babylon 6 RPG." The Babylon 6 RPG would remain a successful and entertaining venture for nearly four years, but no attempt was made to rebuild a larger organization.