Allied Federation's Fleet (or AFF) was a Star Trek role play group founded by Admiral Britton Keene in mid-1997. AFF was later absorbed by Federation Sim Fleet in June 2000 and became FSF Alpha Fleet.


AFF was organized into several subfleets, most notably Alpha Fleet, Delta Fleet, and Gamma Fleet (disbanded June 1999). AFF also had several divisions, including AFF University (formerly AFF Academy), R&D Team, AFF Forces, IMF, AFF Newsletter, and Recruiting Division. AFF was heavily into OOC ranks and playing their roles IC while running the group OOC. The group existed in chat rooms, had one email sim (USS Magistrate), and claimed an IRC sim as well. They posted logs on their sole AOL message board called AFF Sim Fleet. AFF never reached or exceeded 100 members during its entire 3-year run.


Allied Federation's Fleet was founded in mid-1997 by Britton Keene. While membership and participation fluxuated, AFF remained relatively stable for almost two years. In mid-1999, problems arose when Keene and several of his Admirals became inactive. AFF then joined the Simming League in January 2000, and its members voted down a name change in February 2000.

In March 2000, AFF was roiled in conflict when the Admiralty attempted to institute a point system. Finally, the group became unstable after months of turmoil, declining in membership, and sim unavailability. In the end, Keene returned in time to merge the now less than 40-member-club into Federation Sim Fleet on June 8, 2000. It was renamed FSF Alpha Fleet.


  • AdmBKeene (Britton Keene)
  • vadmtreks
  • CMOGenevie
  • HOSS1701
  • Caitian
  • CmdrData99
  • CmdrMJones/Capt M Jones AFF
  • CptnMiller
  • Commander Lekan
  • Busnbear (Jay Robertson)


  • Deep Space One - Fridays @ 9p EST
  • USS Shadowrun
  • USS Legacy - Saturdays @ 10p CST (flagship)
  • USS Relica
  • USS Neptune
  • USS Magistrate - Email Sim
  • USS Phoenix
  • USS Lexington
  • USS Collegial
  • USS Nimtek


FOSG Alliance - 9/2/97

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