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Adrian Nacht
NameAdrian Kaspar Nacht
Nickname(s)Addy (by Arker)
SpeciesHuman cyborg
Physical appearance
Height185cm or 6'1 1/2
Weight110kg or 240lbs
Skin toneQuite pale, mostly synthetical
HairBlack, shoulder-length
EyesVery dark greyish blue
OtherUsually wears black clothing
WorldEarth (also Arvo)
LocationOsnabrück, Germany
ResidenceRegular brick house
Born 2nd of May, 1974
Married December 22, 2012
Sankt Katharinen Kirche
Cause of death
FatherAnders Thomas Jager Nacht
MotherEmilie Freia Nacht (née: Fuhrmann)
Sibling(s)Jasmine Lora Nacht (older sister, deceased)
Partner(s)Arker Yukoto
Other familyVera (daughter of cousin)
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityAloof, cold-hearted, patient, protective, respectful
ReligionNon-strict Lutheran/Evangelical
LikesDark green, toast with jam, number 4, wolf
DislikesFighting without reason, arrogance, salty food
Professional life
EducationUniversity degree
OccupationHead teacher
Employed bySchola (himself)
EmployingDamien (assistant teacher)
Years active{{{yearsactive}}}
Out of character
CreatedJanuary 2011
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RP genreMixed fantasy - sci-fi
RP typeReal-time PbP (chat)
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Adrian Kaspar Nacht, also referred to as Dr. Nacht or simply Adrian, is a German cyborg. He was born as a human in 1974 and worked as a scientist for a while, but had to be turned into a cyborg to survive after he was caught in an explosion caused by a fire.


Real name

Adrian's full name is Adrian Kaspar Nacht. This is his only name and his official name since his birth.


After graduating from the science and medicine faculty, Adrian was granted the title of Doctor. He also used this title professionally for five years, 1999 to 2004, in the research faculty where he was employed.


Childhood and teenage years

Adrian Kaspar Nacht was born on the 2nd of May, 1974. His parents both lived a bit outside Münster at that time and already had one daughter, Jasmine Lora Nacht, who was born on the 15th of November, 1970. Adrian’s father Anders was a pianist and composer who lived for the most part off his music. His mother Emilie was a secretary mostly with fixed hours. When Adrian was only young, difficulties in his parents’ marriage began to occur. They did not agree as much as they used to, and Emilie regularly stayed at work to do work extra hours, while Anders on the other hand often was away during the weekend to concerts and to part-time teach children music. The by that time ten year old Jasmine was the first one to actually understand after her mother had been inviting an administrative worker over during the weekend. The man in question, Jonas Karlsen, was a half-Norwegian who had moved from Berlin to Münster recently and who was a single man of five years younger than Emilie, but who worked at the same place as she did.

While Adrian, maybe just five years old, did not really understand the situation, his older sister was in the middle of it, torn in two because of guilt: either she had to hide this from her father Anders, or she had to tell him this behind her mother’s back, to which there was always the chance that she would not even be believed. In the first half year, there was a time Emilie and Jonas were almost caught, as Jasmine knocked on their door to indicate that her father had come home, and the man rushed out through the back door. The second time something similar happened, Jasmine was sick and unable to hear her dad come home in time, let alone warn the couple. Anders knocked a Jonas out with a chair and was shouting, saying that he couldn’t take what she did and that a divorce would be coming soon. Emilie, who had locked herself up on the other side of the door, called the police and an ambulance upon her husband. Jonas wasn’t hurt badly, but Anders would be taken into prison for a night. The doctor who had come over to check upon Jonas, also went to Jasmine. Stating that her illness was more grave than first suspected, she was brought to the hospital.

The next months were a hell for the couple Nacht, and Adrian was often brought to his grandmother. After the series of tests she had to undergo, Jasmine was diagnosed with leukemia, and had to undergo chemo treatment. Anders and Emilie had to go from prison to court, and week after week to the hospital. The two discussed a lot indoors, deciding to not divorce after all for the sake of their children, even though at the same time, the stress in the household increased. Anders started drinking and going out late in the evening. Emilie needed sleeping medication to have a decent night’s rest, even then to be tired all day. Adrian started developing a fear for the dark and, mainly because he could not be left alone, often sat long hours in the hospital rooms with either one of his parents: an experience that would influence him later on. Even though there was a time that Jasmine was seemingly become better and better, her condition all of a sudden went strongly downhill just when she was about declared healthy again. She passed away when her little brother was almost nine, to which both parents got into a depression. Emilie ate only half as much and barely slept, Anders started drinking more and more often than before. The two lived next to each other in house, not talking but not discussing or fighting either. As Anders was arrested twice in one month for walking over street at night drunk, Adrian’s grades at school were sinking without his parents’ notice. At the night before Adrian’s ninth birthday, his father got in a train accident – as he had been drunk at the time of death, it was unsure whether this was an actual accident or a suicide as a result of his depression.

On the upside of this sad story, this was when the building-up of a new life started. Adrian had not yet done bad enough to fail his year, and the next year was when Emilie got back to her senses enough to realize that she needed to get back on track for Adrian’s sake. With the help of her own mother and a psychologist, she changed jobs. Since his mother and grandmother were now better examples, Adrian started becoming slowly more lively again. He was still a rather quiet and average kid at school. It was only around the age of fifteen (which was around the time his grandmother died) that he started reflecting on the past years. He had created himself the imago of a dreamer and kind, rather sensitive person, but could become cool and resolutely decisive when it really mattered. Adrian, probably also because of his life experience and growing up without a real father, became serious and mature fairly early. Unlike many other teenagers, he never had any short relationships, as he picked his partners with care. At the age of eighteen, he had started studying science and medicine, which he took very serious – he and his mother both paid half of the entrance fee and costs for the university.

Young adult life

When Adrian was nineteen, he figured out that he had bisexual tendencies – an outcome that his mother initially had a small issue with, but not for long. He got into a year-long relationship with his first male partner – who would for many years remain his only as well. Adrian still took his studying very serious, and graduated from university in 1999 (at age 25), to which he was almost instantly invited in a research facility in Berlin, as they had seen his talent. This faculty was the main base of the World-Wide Scientific Center, mostly simply known as the SC. This facility being barely known by the public, it however was connected to other (not always as unknown) scientific centers as well as it had a great influence throughout the world. Adrian got recruited into the medicine part of the SC and bought for this reason in 2000 a small apartment in Berlin, where he for a while lived with his girlfriend, Karen Müller, whom he started dating in 2002. Their relationship would however take a great turn when the most important event of Adrian’s personal life happened, at the end of 2004.

On November 29th of 2004, an explosion happened in one of the buildings of the SC in Berlin, right next to the one where Adrian was working. The building was being evacuated, but the people around the area of explosion in question were hard to reach. Adrian took the personal task on himself to go help out those still trapped in this place – two lives were successfully saved, though he was not in time for a third. An after-explosion caught Adrian in the flames as he was on his way to a third victim, and his life suddenly was in danger. The people of the Robotic-Humanoid Development, whose faculty had remained intact, were present and offered to save his life as the other instances were on their way, but could not be there in time. Adrian agreed to this, and was fixed by replacing the damaged body parts by the components the SCRHD (Scientific Center of Robotic-Humanoid Development) had created for one of their projects. This saved Adrian’s life, but he was now a cyborg and had also undergone psychological changed due to damage to his brains. Seeing as he was not entirely the same person anymore, much more cold-hearted and straight to the point, this caused Karen to break up with him in 2005. At the same time, the SC had also quit his contract, even though he still got paid quite a lot as being one of their official test subjects. Since working in their facility was considered too dangerous for him, he was requested to look for any other job. He took this chance to sell his house in Berlin to Karen and moved to Osnabrück, so that he could live closer to his mother again.

Later career

 OOC NOTE  As he was no longer allowed to be a scientist in the scientific center, Adrian went to the School of the Unusual, lead by headmaster Maze of the Cross Family, to start a career in teaching. A first visit would consist of him applying for the job, when he met Scar and Arker, as he had yet to see if he was fit to be a teacher. However, at his second visit already, he would have noticed that the students at the School of the Unusual did not seem very eager to study or to attend classes. Even letting them choose the subject wouldn’t get them enthusiastic. After a few visits to the school, he walked into a building completely void of students. As he was slightly agitated by this, the only person present – the nurse – would offer him to attend a class. Adrian allowed him to choose the subject, which became “naked gym”. As Adrian suggested that Greek Olympics were originally nude and oiled, thus being able to count as the “naked gym” the nurse had requested, they were planning on going by these ancient habits. These plans were interrupted when the nurse, Arker Yukoto, freaked out about a female joining this class as well, as he was apparently shocked greatly by witnessing her naked body, even running off. Adrian apologized to the girl and got clothed again, moving off to comfort the young man who had hid in the nurse’s office. They talked shortly, and ended up kissing. This incident resulted in the actual start of their relationship.


Anders Nacht

Anders Thomas Jager Nacht is Adrian's father. He is born on the 3rd of September 1948 and married Emilie Fuhrmann in 1969. He however became an alcoholic and died in 1983 for walking over train tracks.

Emilie Nacht

Emilie Freia Nacht (née: Fuhrmann) is Adrian's mother. She is born on December 21, 1947, making her 66 years old. She moved to a flat in Ibbenbüren and sold the Nacht family's house to a relative in 2008, because her mobility was decreasing and she could no longer maintain a house of that size on her own.

Jasmine Nacht

Jasmine Lora Nacht is Adrian's older sister, being born on the 15th of November, 1970. She deceased on March 9th, 1981 at the age of ten.

Arker Nacht

Arker Nacht (née: Yukoto) is Adrian's spouse. They married on December 22 of 2012, in the Sankt Katharinen church of Osnabrück.

Other relatives

Adrian Nacht family tree


  • Aloof: ever since the accident, Adrian has been an outsider from the groups he belonged to.
  • Cold-hearted: in most occasions, he barely cares about what happens to people and their personal feelings.
  • Patient: Adrian rarely gets angry at anyone.
  • Protective: at least for the (lucky) few he cares about, Adrian would go through a lot — this would be his mother and spouse.
  • Respectful: he treats everyone with respect, and puts those in place who don't.


Despite his age, Adrian looks like a young adult. This is because most of his skin, as well as part of his hair, is synthetic. This causes him not to bronze, get wrinkles or gray hair, but on the other hand he must be inserted medication to receive the minimum dose of vitamin D.


Adrian usually wears black or dark gray clothing, because it is a neutral color and can be easily combined with other colors. He is not very fond of wearing colors that jump in the eye too much.


Adrian is a character created by HisaoByaku (later Hisao) on IMVU (Yatalu on RPWiki) in January of 2011, with the purpose of becoming a teacher at IMVU's School of the Unusual role-playing location, since the character Hisao already had an occupation. Adrian was an IC teacher at this school from January until May/June.

Then, since Hisao moved to teaching OOC as well, the character Adrian was used with the double function of teaching T1 and other role-playing styles: in-character signing up in the Schola (school) would be done as role-playing practice, and same for classes and interaction with Adrian as teacher.


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