AJJE Games is a play-by-post online role-playing club that was founded in 2005 by Alex Verdusco, Edgar Cramer, Jessica McClary, and Jud Bennett. All sims are original in plot and feature original characters. Canon characters are not allowed.


Alex Verdusco began his RPing tenure in a club called STF, where he served in a variety of capacities as CO and a member of their government from the late 1990s until 2005. In late 2004, Alex ran for President of STF, with Jessica McClary as his Vice Presidential candidate. In a three-party race, Alex and Jessica managed to beat both parties in the Primary vote, knocking out the last place ticket. However, in the final vote, out of about 230 votes, Alex and Jessica lost the election by 7 votes.

Alex resigned from STF shortly following his loss in the election. He began immediately on the creation of a new Star Trek club: SFHQ. Within three months he was able to create the platform which would later be called PARS, a PHP based post and reply system that was largely based on that used by STF at the time. He also managed to convince two former STF members to lend their names to the club - Jessica McClary and Edgar Cramer, a former President of STF who had knowledge and experience regarding running club governments.

On May 27th, 2005, SFHQ was opened for business. With the formation of SFHQ, Alex assumed the position of SFHQ Commander and Chief, which would later also be referred to Operations Director of SFHQ when SFHQ would join AJJE Games. Along with that appointment, Alex named himself the first official CO in all of AJJE. He was one of four initial COs that opened the club, a group largely consisting of STF members. Alex held the position of Commander in Chief until November 11th, 2008, making 75 official appointments, and overseeing the growth of SFHQ from 4 initial sims to well over a dozen. During his time as Commander in Chief he is largely credited for stabilizing SFHQ into a solid club, leading the way on the creation of a club template that would be used for every subsequent AJJE Anchor Club, and growing the number of sims in SFHQ. Alex was suceeded by Katherine Dedul.

Jessica McClary suggested that the group of RPers that made up SFHQ be allowed to go beyond the world of Star Trek RPing, specifically, that a Stargate club be opened. After much discussion between Alex, Jessica, Jud Bennett, and Edgar, it was decided that a larger organization be created: AJJE Games, named after the first initials of each of the founding members. It was believed that this larger framework could house many RP clubs, thereby expanding the number of opportunities for RPing. On October 1st, 2005, only four months after the creation of SFHQ, Alex Verdusco announced AJJE Games would be formed and that SFHQ would be its first member.

As its membership continued to grow, it was decided to add a Stargate club, and so Jessica opened Stargate Unlimited. This expansion was followed by Leaf on the Wind (a Serenity club) and Ride the Edge (a collection of member-created clubs spanning all genres). Sims in Ride the Edge include those based on: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Starship Troopers and Sword and Sorcery.

The original structure of AJJE Games was to have semi-autonomous clubs operating within a common framework. Each club had its own operations and elected administration, and was overseen by the President and Vice-Presidents of Operations and Administration.

In 2009, Alex stepped down, and appointed Jeannette Giesbrecht as President. This decision was not welcomed by everyone, and a power struggle ensued, led by Leaf on the Wind administration leader Ash Leighton Plom. After a year of increasingly bitter and divisive fighting, Leighton Plom and his followers left AJJE Games in the summer of 2010 to form Phoenix Roleplaying.

In January of 2011, AJJE Games was served with a Cease and Desist letter from Fox Studios to shut down the Leaf on the Wind club.

In the spring of 2011, AJJE Games restructured itself as a single club, absorbing its semi-autonomous clubs under a single banner. The former clubs became five playing zones within AJJE Games: Star Trek, Stargate, Fantasy, Science Fiction and the original universe of Akers Bluff (a space western).

Jeannette Giesbrecht represented AJJE Games as a contributor at both the 2011 SciWorld Online Convention and the 2011 Simming Fall Festival.

In 2015, AJJE Games was acquired by Phoenix Roleplaying. The PARS system will continue to be used by the sims that will now be part of the latter site.

Major Awards

Laureate Award Year
Alex Verdusco Simming Prize 2009
Kaarin Aalborg Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2008
Ajje Games Simming Prize


Inn of the Wayward Traveller Best D&D Sim, Tournament of Simulations 2011
The Shadow Best Original Sim, Tournament of Simulations 2011

Command Timeline

Time President Vice-President
2005-09 Alex Verdusco Jessica McClary
2009-2013? Jeannette Giesbrecht Euan Reid, Lex Pendragon, Megan Schultz
2013-2015 Megan Schultz

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