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ADWAR Fleet (Advanced Warfare Division) was a play-by-email role-playing game based in the Star Trek fictional universe. At its peak, it claimed 8 active sims.


Set in 2430, ADWAR's plot revolved around a second Dominion War and threats from the Borg.






ADWAR was founded by Rear Admiral Sam Houston in June 2006. As Task Force Commanding Officer, he oversaw the formation of the fleet. With the help of the Task Force Executive Officer, Brigadier General Sara O'Mara (formally Fleet Captain David Trent), the two recruited for the new fleet, getting it on its feet.

An academy, database, and military database was developed as Commanding Officers came in.


ADWAR Fleet experienced problems, with criticism from the commanding officers about the leadership of the fleet under Rear Admiral Sam Houston. After a controversial fleet-wide mission had begun (some ships did not participate), a rogue group called the Underground was formed against Houston. The Underground was an organization that rebelled against Admiral Houston, and was treated as a coup d'état by Houston. After several commanding officers resigned their posts, Houston had little choice but to officially disband ADWAR Fleet in early September 2006.

James Solomon later founded Galactic Fleets, consisting of several sims from the former ADWAR.

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