The 2019 SciWorld Online Convention was an online convention for the play-by-post role-playing community. It was the 20th SciWorld Online Convention and was held on Saturday, May 18th on Discord. It was by hosted by Role Play Wiki, TNU Project, Theta Fleet, and Ongoing Worlds.


On March 24, 2019, Charles Star reached out to Akumi of Role Play Wiki, Joshua Hina of TNU Project, Major Tom of Outpost 42 News, and Kathryn Burke of Theta Fleet, who were all interested in hosting the 2019 SciWorld. Major Tom declined, with the rest of the users all agreeing to host the 2019 SciWorld.


The first public promotion of SciWorld was on April 25, 2019, when Akumi posted a blog[1] on Role Play Wiki asking for panelists. Shortly after on April 26, CharlesStar posted a similar blog on OngoingWorlds.[2]


The convention was held online on Discord. Five channels were set up on the server explicitly for SciWorld: #lobby, #auditorium, #panel-1, #panel-2, and #panel-3-overflow.


The 2019 SciWorld was held on May 18th. Times displayed here are in universal coordinated time (UTC).

Time (UTC) Discord Channel Event name Event type Hosted by
17:00-17:30 #auditorium Entrance ceremony NA CharlesStar, Akumi, Joshua Hina, Kathryn Burke
17:30-18:30 #panel-1 Interview with Major Tom of Outpost 42 News Interview Major Tom and Akumi
#panel-2 Star Trek Trivia Trivia Charles Star
18:30-19:30 #panel-1 52 Card Pickup Informative Beautiful Night
#panel-2 How stories and roleplay go together Informative Echo's Melody
19:30-20:30 #panel-1 Fantasy in Science Fiction Informative Gallant
#panel-2 Successful Gamemastering and Storytelling Skills Informative Kim
20:30-21:30 #panel-1 Striking a Balance as a CO/GM Informative Chistery
#panel-2 Worldbuilding and Alien Creation Informative Writing Bug
21:30-22:30 #panel-1 Not a Department head? Not a problem! Informative Kathryn Burke
22:30-23:30 #panel-1 Writing Believable Female Characters Informative Kim (Shattered Universe)
#panel-2 Creating an Alien Language Informative German Galven
23:30-00:30 #panel-1 Continuity in Multi-Plot Universes Informative Joshua Hina
#panel-2 How to get everyone out alive, even the Bad Guy, OOC Informative John Yicks
00:30 - 01:00 #auditorium Closing Ceremony NA CharlesStar, Akumi, Joshua Hina, Kathryn Burke


13/14 panel slots were filled.


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