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The 2011 SciWorld Online Convention was an online simming and role-playing convention. It was held in irc rooms at Independence Fleet from Thursday, April 14 to Saturday, April 16, 2011. Organized by the Simming League, the convention featured events run by members from Ajje Games, Continuum Online, Federation Sim Fleet, Independence Fleet, RoleplayConnect, Sixth Fleet, Starfleet Legacy Alliance, TRCP Alliance, Trek Online, and United Federation Starfleet. It was the ninth SciWorld Online Convention held, and the first since 2009.


  • All times are Eastern (United States/Canada).
Ceremony Discussion Simulation Trivia Game

Thursday, April 14th

Time Chat Room #1 Host #1 Chat Room #2 Host #2
8:45pm Opening Ceremony Charles Star
9:00pm USS Independence (Star Trek sim) Vausrie Leiathan The Future of Simming Discussion Chas Hammer
10:00pm Babylon 5 Trivia Joseph "Stealth" Carroll USS Vindicator (Star Trek sim) Chas Hammer
11:00pm Captain/Host Discussion Vausrie Leiathan Star Trek Trivia Chas Hammer
12:00am USS Alexandria (Star Trek sim) James D. West Dystopia vs. Hopia Discussion Jeannette Giesbrecht
1:00am Star Trek vs. Star Wars vs. Babylon 5 vs. Stargate Discussion Jeannette Giesbrecht
2:00am Coffee Shop James D. West Browncoat's Revenge (Firefly sim) Jeannette Giesbrecht

Friday, April 15th

Time Chat Room #1 Host #1 Chat Room #2 Host #2
8:00pm Movie & Video Game Trivia Michael Lupino Charity Fundraising in Simming Discussion Zania Jaarda
9:00pm Simming Jeopardy! Charles Star Sci-fi Fan Films, Audio, and Costuming Discussion Renda Carr
10:00pm Rebel Runners (Star Wars sim) Jeannette Giesbrecht Social Media in Simming Webinar FSF Josh
11:00pm Major Issues in Simming Discussion Charles Star USS Aquinas (Star Trek sim) FSF Cassiopeia
12:00am SG0 (Stargate sim) Jimmy Rogers Star Trek & Alternative Lifestyles Kerrigan Morgan
1:00am Star Trek Trivia Jimmy Rogers Battlestar Galactica (2003) Discussion James D. West
2:00am Coffee Shop Jimmy Rogers Caprica Discussion James D. West

Saturday, April 16th

  • Special Event in Room #2 at 2:00pm: Her Story of Simming with Tigra Tigress
Time Chat Room #1 Host
1:00pm Star Wars Trivia Joseph "Stealth" Carroll
2:00pm Militant RP in a Sci-Fi Environment Discussion Cylonxd Slade
3:00pm USS Harrison (Star Trek sim) Robert Tucker
4:00pm RPG Intellectual Property Discussion Jeannette Giesbrecht
5:00pm Fundraising For Your Sim Discussion Zania Jaarda
6:00pm Second Life Discussion Zania Jaarda
7:00pm USS Providence (Star Trek sim) FSF Josh
8:00pm SciWorld Discussion Charles Star
9:00pm Starbase 27 (Star Trek sim) Zoe Fox
10:00pm Closing Ceremony Charles Star



  • Chair: Charles Star of Independence Fleet
  • Master of Ceremonies: Charles Star of Independence Fleet
  • Web hosting, technical support, and graphic design by AJ Wheeler of Independence Fleet
  • Official Recorder: FSF Jaeger of the Federation Sim Fleet
  • Opening ceremony media presentation by Caroline Marion & Jenna Ramthorne of Independence Fleet



The 2011 convention was the first SciWorld to have its schedule managed and maintained exclusively on a wiki, specifically SimEnc. Previous conventions had been orgnaized on AOL, with a schedule e-mailed out and posted to message boards, or later, via a website that was updated as events were added.

In addition, this was the first convention that was held in the irc channel of a specific club, namely that of Independence Fleet. This was an innovation of Charles Star, who wanted SciWorld to take on more of an Olympic feel, with a different club hosting the convention each year. Previous conventions were held on AOL, or in the Diaspora Games irc channel.

The 2011 convention was also the first online simming convention to open with a multimedia presentation.

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