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User Rights Review for Messenger of Heaven


I would like to create a user rights review for Messenger of Heaven to either strip her of her rights completely or to suspend her of her rights temporarily, depending on the outcome of this review. This user rights review has been discussed by the other 4 staff members of the wiki with our concerns.

From the time Messenger of Heaven has adopted the wiki to now, she's exhibited some concerning behavior, namely in the wiki's chatroom. She is often unprofessional, often breaking many of the rules for the chatroom, and creating unnecessary drama with users. Additionally, she talks down of the members of the staff team in PM, which is not bureaucrat behavior in any way.

Edit: She also demoted me shortly after I created this, therefore showing that she is not fit for rights at all.

Depending on the outcome of this review, a few things may happen to her rights:

Majority keep: Messenger of Heaven's write will remain the same.

Majority suspension: Messenger of Heaven's rights will be temporarily suspended.

Majority demote: Messenger of Heaven will lose her rights completely, and a new bureaucrat will be elected on Role Play wiki.

You can vote either Keep, Suspend, or Demote.

This review will end on March 29, 2019.

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• 3/11/2019
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Mariah Carey RP

Can anyone please roleplay Mariah Carey with me?

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I'm creating this because honestly, it would be easier to listen to feedback if its listed in a formal way.

If you have any type of feed back for the wiki please post it below though remember to remain respectful and polite.

Any fighting or rude comments will be deleted from the post.

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• 1/15/2019

Fallout RP

*Vault Girl wokes up*

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Any My Goddess RP

Would anyone like to roleplay Ah My Goddess with me? Remember, no OCs.

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First Discussions Post

Welcome to discussions, everyone!

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